Little Squire
Little Squire

Little Squire is a third person singe player puzzle adventure game that takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. Your goal is to solve various puzzles in order to traverse the world whilst getting to know the characters as the game has a large focus on narrative.
For this school project I was tasked with making assets for the environment as well as a few materials and shaders. I also did set dressing as well as lighting in a few of the levels in the game. This project required us to create a game in Unity throughout a 7 week period and this was the results of our efforts during those 7 weeks.
3D Art:
Mahad Nur
Yann Cedrik Biatchon
Albin Thunström
2D Art:
Ada Huttula
Niklas Wallen
Game Design:
Emmin Martinez
Henning Sundell
Sara Svedlund
Nicolas Moreno
Joakim Lembke
Suat Kucukgol